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Contemporary Guitar Workshop

  • Contemporary Guitar Workshop
    Hard Copy    $15.00  Item Number:  sggw105

    Artist: Various Publisher: SGGW CD Collection

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    featuring Dave Evans, Duck Baker, Jim McLennan & Leo Wijnkamp Jr.

    This album was original released in 1975. I was very interested in trying to put together a project that would illustrate some of the approaches that fingerpicking guitar is taking. I asked for the help of four guitarists whom I admire greatly and whom I thought would each compliment the other as each has a distinct style and feel. On looking back on this project I am glad to see that it has taken on a certain "international" aspect as each musician comes from a different part of the world. Perhaps this has affected their unique approaches though I tend to think that the development of an artist is more personal than regional characteristics.

    This project attempts to present many different forms of music, i.e. classic rags, fiddle tunes, original compositions and old pop standards. Yet somehow there is a strong bonding element throughout the music. It is not only the instrument - the guitar - but also a certain quality that transcends into each selection.

    Track Listing(click on tracks for mp3 sound samples)

    1. Silver Bells* Duck Baker
    2. Jessica* Dave Evans
    3. Flopped Ear Mule* Leo Wijnkamp Jr.
    4. Walking My Baby Back Home Duck Baker 
    5. Dickie's Blues No. 2* Jim McLennan
    6. Cold Feet* Dave Evans
    7. The Chrysanthemum* Jim McLennan
    8. Grey Hills* Dave Evans
    9. Mardi Gras Dance* Duck Baker
    10. The Elephant March Leo Wijnkamp Jr.
    11. Fisher's Hornpipe* Duck Baker
    12. Ugly Duckling* Dave Evans
    13. The Easy Winners* Jim McLennan
    14. Charles O'Connor* Duck Baker
    15. Jolymont* Dave Evans

    Those tunes marked with a star * are included in the tab/music PDF booklet on this CD. 

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