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Guitar Of Chet Atkins

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    Guitar Of Chet Atkins

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    "I can't remember when I didn't play the guitar. And I can't remember when playing the guitar didn't lift me up to seventh heaven or thereabouts. Sleeping and eating were never nearly as important to me, and up to the time I was twelve, there wasn't a pretty girl within a hundred miles who looked half as good as my old guitar. Ever since I first heard guitar music, I knew I had to learn to create that sound -- the sound that I thought was the most beautiful music in the world. I still think so." - Chet Atkins

    This DVD lesson is for intermediate and advanced fingerstyle guitarists. Chet performs and describes in detail, phrase by phrase, the playing of nine of his classic arrangements. An 80 page tab/music booklet is included.

    "Someone once asked me to estimate how many guitar lessons I've had in my lifetime," Chet has said. "The answer is simple -- none. There were no teachers in our neighborhood when I was learning. And if there had been I doubt whether they would have taught me with that shabby guitar of mine. But I kept a lookout for any stray 'picker' that wandered into town and if he knew any new runs I would learn them before he left."

    You are fortunate -- your teacher for this lesson is one of the foremost fingerstyle guitar masters in the history of the guitar. Have fun!

    Titles include: Maybelle, Petite Waltz, Happy Again, Londonderry Aire, When You Wish Upon A Star, Young Thing, Bye Bye Blackbird, Mr. Bojangles and Lover Come Back

    84 minutes - Level 3/4 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Informative and entertaining. If you are a Chet Atkins fan, and any guitar player should be, this little DVD is something that should always be in your collection. Not just "how to play licks" but a look at how Chet approached a song and how he thought. - Eldon Snippet/Amazon Customer Review 

    Review: Great music ideas from Chet. I got this DVD a few years ago. Its not easy but its worth learning. Chet explains his tunes well, and plays them so smoothly. It's a joy to listen to. With a lot of practice you'll have 9 great guitar pieces to play. They will impress anyone. - Big Man Band/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: You must be a Intermediate or Advanced player. A very good DVD. Tommy Emmanuel plays like Chet and learned some things from him before he past away. This would not be a starter for guitar. This is kind of hard stuff. His harmonics are very hard to do. Even Intermediate players like me will have a problem with those but with enough practice you will get them though. - Mike Neiheisel/Amazon Customer Review

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