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Country Blues Guitar

  • Country Blues Guitar
    Hard Copy    $22.99  Item Number:  25983

    Transcribed by: Stefan Grossman Publisher: Alfred Publishing

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    Featuring Big Bill Broonzy, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Scrapper Blackwell, Charley Jordan, Lonnie Johnson, Rev. Gary Davis and Josh White

    Edited and Transcribed by Stefan Grossman

    The arrangements of Scrapper Blackwell, Blind Blake, Big Bill Broonzy, Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Lemon, Lonnie Johnson, Charley Jordan and Josh White are featured. A CD featuring all the arrange-ments performed by the original artists is included.

    Titles include: SCRAPPER BLACKWELL Blue Day Blues, Kokomo Blues BLIND BLAKE Georgia Bound BIG BILL BROONZY Big Bill Blues, Mississippi River Blues, Mr. Conductor Man, Saturday Night Rub, Stove Pipe Stomp, Worryin’ You Off My Mind REV. GARY DAVIS Cincinnati Flow Rag, Italian Rag, Sally Where’d You Get Your Liquor From, Two-Step Candyman BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON Easy Rider Blues, Hot Dogs, One Kind Favor LONNIE JOHNSON Go Back To Your No Good Man, Life Saver Blues CHARLEY JORDAN Hunkie Tunkie Blues, Keep It Clean JOSH WHITE Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed, Little Brother Blues

    Level 3 • 96 pages • 1 CD

    Review: Fantastic Method for any Serious Blues Student. Stefan Grossman has many years experience playing guitar and learning Blues Guitar from the masters. His books reflect his knowledge and experience. The pieces are actual transcriptions of various Country Blues artists, and they include clear explanations, background information, and even a CD of the artists playing each song. You couldn't go wrong with this or any of Mr. Grossman's method books. – Brent R. Block/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: The Real Thing. This book is a must if you want to learn country blues guitar. Great selection, thorough transcriptions, and – most important – a CD with the real masters playing the tunes. I never thought I'd be able to learn Cincinnati Flow Rag but after spending a couple days with this book and CD I'm picking it like crazy. – Format Paperback/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Guitarists: Don't overlook this treasure! What is not obvious about this very nice collection by Stefan Grossman is that the CD has the original blues men playing the songs. And they are awesome! I almost fell out of my chair when I realized that, put the CD into a player, put on the headphones, and heard the masters.

    I'm an okay guitarist, and with time I might learn these pieces from the transcriptions, but it doesn't matter. Hearing the originals that Mr. Grossman gives you from the archives has no price. Right from the beginning with Scrapper Blackwell, you will be amazed. Enjoy, and thank you, Stefan Grossman. – Johnny Motelle/Amazon Customer Review

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