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Jazz for the Electric Blues Guitarist

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    Jazz for the Electric Blues Guitarist

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    Jazz for the Electric Blues Guitarist provides a valuable lesson for those who wish to introduce sophisticated jazz lines and more advanced chord concepts into their playing. This information-packed lesson takes the player on an exciting journey from the basic "jazz" blues progression to advanced chord substitution. Turnarounds and chord families, together with further elaborations and inversions are also discussed, in an easy to understand way, which will spice up your blues playing in no time.

    As the DVD unfolds, Adrian Ingram reveals the secrets of jazz substitution and improvisation, showing how the fundamental concepts can be used to lift your blues playing onto a higher plateau. Coloristic devices, such as Charlie Christian's "worry notes" and Wes Montgomery's "octaves," are also discussed. Players as diverse as T. Bone Walker, Tiny Grimes, Kenny Burrell, Danny Gatton and Robben Ford have successfully blended blues and jazz. The information contained in this indispensable video lesson will enable you to join this illustrious group of jazz/blues fusionists.

    76 minutes • Level 3/4 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Jazz for the Electric Blues Guitarist is designed to help players make the musical jump from Buddy Guy to Robben Ford. In this video, Ingram takes the tried-and-true I-IV-V blues progression and expands upon it with different chord voicings, turnarounds, and passing tones-all designed to get you from down-home to uptown. He also illustrates the use of non-blues scale notes in blues solos so you can painlessly add spice to what you already know. (You’ll also get some insights on the styles of Charlie Christian and Wes Montgomery.) The accompanying booklet is full of good information. Ingram proves himself to be a monster player, a good teacher, and a benevolent taskmaster, and everything adds up to a video you can revisit many times over and still find new stuff. Very cool. – Guitar Player Magazine

    Review: These lessons are for intermediate to advanced players who already understand how to play in the style of B.B. King but want to add a jazzier flavor to their sound. Beginning by explaining the Roman Numeral system used for most jazz charts, Ingram starts off with a standard “jazz blues” progression, introducing the new chord shapes and substitutions as tools to practice with until the students “get it under their fingers.” The next lesson covers a number of really sweet-sounding turnarounds that are soooo smooooth! The lesson on passing chords ends with his “Passing Chord Blues” and will inspire players to start sticking those babies in all over the place (careful!). Ingram uses Wes Montgomery's “Cariba” to cover chord types and inversions and explains how Wes (and many others) improvised via “minorization” of dominant chords. Substitutions, scales, octaves and other jazz techniques are demonstrated and explained in context. The further one delves into the tape, the more progressively complex Ingram gets, and he will take you as far as you want to go into the jazz side. – Blues Access

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